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Reg. #14495438
Birth Date: 03/20/2003
Act. BW: 94      Adj. 205 Wt.: 736

Selling shares and semen packages.

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                                                    Connealy Dateline #
                          Vermilion Dateline 7078
                                                    Vermilion Blackbird 5044 #
Bushs Big Time 452
                                                    TC Dividend 963 #
                          Bushs Dividend Belle 878 #
                                                    La Belle Ponderosa 720

                                                    B A Blackcap Power
                          Bushs Montana Truck
                                                    B A Lady Sky 443 #
Bushs Blackcap Gal 507
                                                    Ankonian Cornhusker #
                          B A 2100 Husker Gal 845
                                                    B A 2100 Gal T 805 #



BW WW Milk YW Scr
+4.5 +51 +14 +105 -.31


%IMF RE Fat %RP Feedlot Value
Grid Value
Beef Value
+.01 +.43 +.032 -.12 +43.62 +5.28 +35.36

        Bushs Ambition is a member of the tandem known as "The Big Time Brothers," which includes Cowtown, who is still being talked about as one of the best bulls in the yards at Denver and whose popularity continues to grow.
        Ambition was said by many to be the best calves ever in Denver, and certainly the best Bush Angus has taken to the National Western. There has never been a more structurally correct and free moving bull as Ambition. He will overwhelm you with his tremendous expression of muscling down the top and out into the squarest hip on an Angus bull we've ever seen. Put that type of thickness into a perfect shape from front to rear and you do have something special!
        The Big Time progeny averaged over a 16 on ribeye. Now that's a beef bull!!!!!

Jim & Carol Bush
Home (605) 448-5401

Scott & Jo,
Brittany and Tyler Bush
Home (605) 448-2709
Mobile (605) 448-8594
Fax (605) 448-2943

41785 109th St. Britton, South Dakota 57430

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